Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation with our facial treatments, offering a delightful atmosphere and delivering therapeutic results.

The Best Facials In Birmingham AL

If you're looking for facials in Birmingham AL, Habitual Lash delivers a luxurious experience and an oasis of calm in your busy day. From quick 30-minute sessions to 90 minutes of pure relaxation, we restore hydration, even tone, and restore your youthful glow effortlessly.

The Best Facials In Birmingham AL

If you're looking for facials in Birmingham AL, Habitual Lash delivers a luxurious experience and an oasis of calm in your busy day. From quick 30-minute sessions to 90 minutes of pure relaxation, we restore hydration, even tone, and restore your youthful glow effortlessly.

Facial Services

Escape Organic Facial

30 minutes - $73

60 minutes - $105

90 minutes - $135

Our luxurious organic facials use aloe vera, rose, and green tea to soothe and calm the skin, providing plumping hydration and leaving your complexion renewed and fresh.

Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Rose, and Hyaluronic acid.

Organic ingredients and hand-picked products soothe, calm, and de-stress the skin, leaving your complexion renewed and clear.

A boost in hydration leaves your skin plumper and smoother, achieving a youthful look while providing long-term antioxidant benefits.

Bring the glow back to your skin in 30 to 90 minutes with restorative ingredients that bring out your inner beauty.

Skin Fit Facial


Our spa therapists use advanced techniques to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the face, combining classic techniques with NuFACE micro-current therapy and hydrating treatment for a youthful radiance.

Reach deep to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, removing the remnants of the past and restoring your features with immediate results.

As the 'pilates of the face,' this unique facial uses micro-current therapy to lift, tone, and rejuvenate the skin through a face-only workout.

Deep hydration helps to lock moisture in place, providing protection and restoring a beautifully youthful glow in time for that next event.


This Birmingham day spa therapy can provide you with beautiful results by combining microneedling with our serums over multiple sessions. It works by inducing collagen production, reducing scarring, wrinkles, and roughness, ultimately restoring your skin's appearance and boosting your confidence. You can expect a dramatic difference in your skin's texture and overall look.

Daytona® HL Anti Hair Loss Serum

Designed to halt the progression of hair loss, this unique treatment helps to stimulate regrowth and provide nourishment, giving your skin everything it needs for healthy function.

Daytona® SR

Combining 57 ingredients designed to rejuvenate and illuminate the skin, this comprehensive treatment combats signs of aging for a youthful appearance.

Daytona® Pure

Deeply hydrating and refreshing, this treatment absorbs into your skin flawlessly to plump and perfect, building your collagen for long-lasting results.

Daytona® SB

This treatment is the ideal solution for brighter, clearer, and refined skin, bringing the glow with toned, even skin that stands out in the right ways.

Daytona SR8

Daytona SR8 works on the surface of the skin to repair environmental damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It contains a concentrated cocktail of carefully selected ingredients that act as a topical nutritive essential serum for skin rejuvenation.SR8 is effective on skin issues such as uneven skin texture or skin tone, sun damage, pigmentation, acne scars, enlarged pores, blemishes, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. It’s everything you want in the sr but better!!!

Concentrated double-dose of Peptides, Concentrated double-dose of Amino Acids, a concentrated double-dose of DNA Repair Enzymes,  Coenzymes, Nucleic Acids, Anti-Oxidants:Glutathione, Vitamins: Retinol (Vit.A), Thiamine Nitrate (Vit.B1), Riboflavin (Vit.B2), Niacinamide (Vit.B3), Calcium Pantothenate (Vit.B5), Pyridoxine (Vit.B6), Biotin (Vit.B7), Aminobenzoic Acid (Vit.B10), Cyanocobalamin (Vit.B12), Ascorbic Acid (Vit.C), Tocopherol (Vit.E), Inositol (Vit.I), Menadione (Vit.K3), Folic Acid.

Minerals: Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Phosphate.

Microneedling Treatment

** Small scars and stretch marks require consultation

Skin Rejuvenation/SR (Face)
Skin Brightening (SB) (Face)
PURE Hyaluronic Acid (Face)
Skin Rejuvenation/SR (Small Scars, **)
Skin Rejuvenation/SR (Stretch marks, **)
Hair Loss/HL (head)
Hair Loss/HL (eyebrows)
Add Neck to any Face Microneedling service, SR, SB, or pure Hyaluronic Acid

Essential Oils & Vitamin Facials

Aromatherapy Facial


Achieve total relaxation with luxurious essential oils of rosemary, lavender, geranium, thyme, and cypress, creating a feeling of harmony and bliss.

Papaya Enzyme, Hyaluronic acid, and Essential Vitamins & Antioxidants.

Relaxed, healthy skin is glowing skin. Our talented facialist Birmingham team restores your complexion with the perfect blend of ingredients for that inner glow.

Enjoy the calm and relaxation of a blend of powerful aromatherapy scents, providing the perfect escape from the real world.

Our choice of organic essential oils helps to reduce puffiness and inflammation, enhancing your hydrating and providing a sense of well-being.

Grape Seed Facial


Transform your body with a combination of thermal and salt therapy, smoothing and bringing peace to your body with pH-balanced jojoba oil in particular areas of need or across the body.

Ground Grape Seeds, Hyaluronic acid, and Essential Vitamins & Antioxidants.

Ground grape seeds effectively exfoliate dull, dehydrated skin, helping to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with immediate effect.

Grapeseed is backed with vitamin E and linoleic acid, helping retain moisture while restoring elasticity and providing long-lasting protection.

A unique blend of essential herbs, oils, and vitamins enriches and nourishes the skin following an exfoliation, restoring the skin after deep cleansing.

Hyaluronic Facial


Our facialist Birmingham services include hyaluronic facials, using this effective acid blend to hydrate, restore and plump the skin for a smoother, firmer, and more confident appearance.

Hyaluronic acid and Essential Vitamins & Antioxidants.

Hyaluronic acid works from within your skin to plump and firm, creating a more youthful look that’s long-lasting and protective.

Hydrated, healthy skin is restored through our medical-grade blend of hyaluronic acid, created to meet the highest standards in the ayurvedic, vegan, and organic community for moisture and skin penetration.

Skin feels smoother, clearer, and beautifully enriched after a single session, providing the inner glow to let your natural beauty shine.

Vitamin C Facial


Restore your inner glow with this powerful, vitamin-packed facial, filled with organic products to rejuvenate your skin, build collagen and protect from environmental damage. The ultimate anti-aging treatment.

Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Papaya enzyme, and Essential Vitamins & Antioxidants.

Effective exfoliation lightens dark spots, reduces redness, and removes layers of skin cells to reveal the youthful, fresh skin beneath.

Collagen and elastin enhance your complexion, smoothing wrinkles and evening out your tone for a more vibrant you.

Improved tone, elasticity, and texture builds your confidence and reveals your natural beauty with dramatic improvements after a single treatment.

Other Facial Services

Therapeutic Acne Facial


If you're struggling with acne scarring, breakouts, and blackheads, our targeted facials in Birmingham AL help to restore the balance. We help to reduce future breakouts and leave your skin smoother and clearer with every facial.

Salicylic Acid, Colloidal Silver, Wasabi, Olive extract, and Essential Vitamins & Antioxidants.

This gentle, non-irritating facial helps to prevent future breakouts, controlling the oils within your complexion to leave you clean and clear.

Our fast-acting facial helps to bring your confidence back by restoring your skin and ridding your complexion of painful and inflammatory blemishes.

By smoothing and refining the skin, we help handle imbalances and restore your complexion for long-lasting results.

Teen Facial


Developed just for teens, this deep-cleansing facial helps to restore the natural pH balance of the skin, providing a clear complexion and healthy glow. Our teen facial is completely tailored to your skin, with support to create your skincare routine at home.

Natural balance helps to keep your complexion clear, fresh, and even, reducing breakouts and ensuring your skin looks fresh and bright.

A balanced pH is essential to keeping your skin looking its best, boosting your confidence, and resolving many issues.

The gentle healing ingredients in our teen facials help to protect and renew your skin for beautiful results you'll love.

Our teen facial can be tailored to any skin concerns, making this an excellent option for anyone looking for a luxurious, calming facial.

Gentleman’s Facial


Our signature men's facial helps target specific concerns, from dryness to irritants, making your complexion clearer, fresher and free of any damage or harm. The ideal choice for an instant confidence booster.

Our tailored approach is designed specifically for male complexions, providing the exact combination of nutrients for complete restoration and renewal.

We target skin irritants to soothe and calm the skin, with deep cleansing and exfoliation to restore balance and comfort.

Our deep massage and mask with customized products help supercharge the skin with all the materials it needs to refresh and renew.

Need More Time With Your Bestie?

friends getting facials in birmingham al

60-minute / $210

Whether you want to treat your spouse or give the perfect birthday gift, our BFF facials are the ideal option. Pair with our lash extensions Birmingham, AL services for a full day of luxurious pampering for the two of you.

Not Sure Which Facial To Get?

Not Sure Which Facial To Get?

Our Skin Care Specialists Can Help!

Our Skin Care Specialists Can Help!