Depending on the lash growth cycle, they can last anywhere from 3-4 weeks, though recommend getting refills every 2-3 weeks.

Habitual is dedicated to making sure you are educated during your service treatment and provides everything needed to maintain the health and longevity while wearing extensions.

No. Our staff is highly trained lash artists. We take pride in making sure that each lash is perfectly isolated and placed so that your lashes are able to grow and breathe freely. Only using the highest quality products and ingredients.

We recommend coming in every 2-3 weeks to maintain. Each client varies, and sometimes takes several applications to get the perfect timing needed.

We offer 60, 90, and 120 minute time slots.  Each client varies depending on how full you would like them. We recommend on your first refill scheduling 90 min so that we have enough time to answer any questions.  We can always adjust the price accordingly!

We recommend always coming in without eye makeup. However, we understand the business of life. Depending on how much makeup is on your eyes, we may need to add a lash bath to your appointment. This will be done at the therapist's request and sometimes added after making the appointment. If you know you will come in with makeup, please add 30 minutes to your refill. We have to have a clean palette when applying lash extensions. This not only ensures the health of your lashes but longevity as well. If the appropriate amount of time is not allotted, each stylist will still need to take the extra time required to thoroughly clean your lashes, thus taking time from your refill. Each stylist is scheduled based on the amount of time you chose while booking your appointment and will no doubtedly have someone else scheduled right after your appointment.

Habitual lash is dedicated to making sure you have the right products while wearing extensions.  We will recommend a product we sell that we know does not interfere with your lash extensions. 

Please see our menu of services here. We also recommend joining one of our no-contract membership programs to save you a little extra while also getting the same VIP treatment at our sister company Escape Day Spa. You will save 20% on fills, 15% on any additional service, and 10% on products at Habitual and Escape

Yes. This is honestly a no-brainer and highly recommend it since you will undoubtedly become highly addicted to your fabulous lashes!  Just by signing up for one of our no-contract lash membership programs, you will save 20% immediately on our refills on top of 30% any time you need a fresh new set.  You will also save an additional 15% off any other service and 10% off any product not only at Habitual but at Escape Day Spa as well.  Simply ask your therapist, and we will direct you to the membership program that fits you best.

Yes. You can use your Escape Day Spa membership to save an additional 15% off.

Unfortunately, you can only have one membership at a time.