Will Extensions Ruin My Natural Lashes?

Have you been wishing and hoping for long, full eyelashes that you’ve seen all over social media lately? Most of what you’re seeing are actually false lashes or extensions! If you’re new to lash extensions, you may be wondering if they’re safe. No one wants to lose their natural lashes after all.

We’ve got the inside scoop on extensions and lash care. Keep reading to learn all about falsies and where you can find lash extensions in Birmingham, AL!

Should I Worry About My Natural Lashes?

Lash extensions themselves won’t damage your natural lashes. There are situations you’ll find, and horror stories you can read that might try to scare you away from them. However, these problems are rarely caused by the fake lashes themselves. The important thing, if you want to try lash extensions, is that you get them done by a certified professional!

Could There Be Problems?

Although the lashes won’t cause you issues, some circumstances cause problems. You must see a certified professional and follow proper hygiene protocols. Most problems arise when people don’t go to a certified aesthetician or cosmetologist at a reputable salon. They may think that they are getting a deal because they’re on a budget.

However, you pay for what you get. The price they end up paying is the health of their natural lashes. Certified aestheticians know not only how to place lash extensions, but also how to protect the eye as they do it. Proper procedures and sanitation are followed so that no one suffers infections.

Common Issues Caused by Poor Application

A certified professional starts the appointment by analyzing the overall health of your lashes and whether or not you’re a good candidate. They’ll never glue two or more lashes/extensions together. That’s known as a sticky.

Natural lashes grow and shed, but, when attached to an extension in the growing phase, they will pull out the lashes around them. These clusters are very damaging to natural lashes. The hair follicle itself becomes damaged. Another known issue is when a lash technician applies extensions that are too heavy. When extensions are too heavy or thick, it causes the natural lashes to fall out before they’re ready.

This leads to thinning eyelashes. A good lash tech would never do this, even at the clients’ request. A certified professional would never glue an eyelash extension to the skin. These are called nailheads, and they should never happen.

Nailheads cause dermatitis and clogged hair follicles. Instead, the extension should be carefully glued to a natural lash and never touch the eyelid.

Extensions Ruin My Natural Lashes

Common Issues Caused by the Client

It should go without saying that the client should clean and maintain their extensions. Proper hygiene stops the spread of infections and Demodex lash mites.

Many clients damage their natural lashes by pulling out the extensions. Pulling out extensions likely means that you are pulling out some of your natural lashes as well.

Your lashes look less full for this reason. They may also appear short and broken.

Maintaining Lash Health

Once you’ve gotten your lash extensions, certain lash care protocols need to be followed to keep them and your natural lashes in good condition. Some things need to be avoided completely within the first 24, if not 48, hours.

Don’t get your extensions wet for the first 48 hours. Water interferes with the integrity of the glue. This includes crying, steam showers, and swimming. Some say you only need to wait 24 hours, but it’s best if you can stretch it to 48 hours. This way the glue fully cures.

You really don’t need to be putting mascara on your lashes when wearing falsies. It weighs down your lashes and can cause premature shedding, which we know damages natural lashes. Cleanse your lashes and keep them conditioned with a lash serum. You don’t need fancy cleansers, especially if you’re not using mascara.

An oil-free makeup remover works well for getting rid of eye makeup. Then, you simply need to splash water on your eyes (after 48 hours of initial application.)

Do Natural Lashes Grow Back?

If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to regrow damaged lashes, we have good and bad news. Except in severe cases, your natural lashes will grow back! However, it takes time. Every 4 to 6 weeks your natural lashes fall out. This is normal and is part of the lash growth cycle.

You probably don’t even notice, but most days you’re losing 3 to 5 lashes. In normal situations, you won’t be missing clumps of eyelashes because they are all in different stages of the growing cycle.

If you visited a lash technician that didn’t apply your extensions properly, you may have noticed that you’re missing a section of your lashes. They could also look shorter because they’ve snapped off with the extensions.

When this is the case, you can expect to fully grow back your natural lashes in 6 to 8 weeks. Eyelashes grow at about a rate of 1/2 inch per month. You could try some lash serums to see if that shortens your waiting time. It’s a good idea to nourish and condition your eyelashes as they’re growing.

Find Lash Extensions in Birmingham, AL

The note you should walk away from this article with is to get your lashes done by a certified professional in a reputable salon. Lash extensions won’t damage your natural lashes if you get them applied properly. There’s no reason to fear extensions and you can have the lashes of your dreams, as long as you don’t try to cut corners. It’s best for your overall eye health to have them applied by a trusted aesthetician.

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