How to Take Care of Your Brows

A Habitual Guide to Beautiful Brows

How to Take Care of Your Brows

A Habitual Guide to Beautiful Brows

Your Guide to Gorgeous Lashes!

Your brows are the frame to your face, and just like a masterpiece painting, they deserve to be treated with care and attention. At Habitual Lash, we specialize in all things brows—ranging from brow tinting to brow lamination and everything in between. We understand the importance of well-maintained brows and are here to guide you on how to keep them looking their best.

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Understand Your Brow Shape

Natural Shape
Look in the mirror and recognize the natural shape of your eyebrows. Everyone's brows are unique – from straight to arched, and everything in between. Understanding your natural shape will help you groom and fill them in a way that enhances your features.

Face Shape Compatibility
Different brow shapes can complement certain face shapes. For instance, a softly arched brow can be a great fit for a round face, while a straight brow might complement a square face. Consult with an expert to determine the best shape for yo

Choose the Right Brow Services

For those looking for expert brow care, Habitual Lash offers a range of professional services:

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is a cutting-edge, non-invasive cosmetic treatment designed to elevate the look of your eyebrows by giving them a fuller, more voluminous, and feathery appearance. Unlike other, more invasive treatments like microblading, brow lamination is a simple and less permanent solution that works by restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in the desired shape and direction.

Brow Tinting

 Certainly! Brow tinting is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyebrows, especially if they are sparse or have a lighter pigment than you desire. If your brows are lacking in fullness, the tinting process can create the illusion of thicker, more voluminous brows, lending your face a balanced and more youthful appearance. For those who have light-colored eyebrows, whether naturally or due to aging, the tint can add richness and depth to the color, making your eyebrows more noticeable and framing your eyes in a striking way.

Daily Brow Care Routine

Prioritize Brow Cleanliness
Just as with any other section of your facial skin, eyebrows can become a hotspot for accumulated dirt, oil, and even makeup remnants. It's crucial to maintain a routine of cleaning them. To achieve this, use a gentle facial cleanser, specially formulated for sensitive skin. This ensures that the skin around the eyebrows remains clean and less susceptible to breakouts, pimples, and blackheads. A clean brow area not only looks good but also prevents potential skin issues.

Nourish and Condition
It might come as a surprise to many, but eyebrows, much like the hair on our heads, can immensely benefit from conditioning. This is especially true if you're aiming for fuller, healthier brows. Integrate the use of a good brow serum into your daily routine. These serums are enriched with vitamins and minerals that nourish the brow hairs, strengthening them from the root to the tip. Regular conditioning can also help in boosting the growth rate of your brow hair, giving you a thicker and more defined look over time.

Daily Grooming is Key
While it might seem trivial, brushing your brows on a daily basis serves several important purposes. It's recommended to use a spoolie brush, a tool specifically designed for eyebrow grooming. This daily act ensures that your eyebrows remain neat and aligned in their natural direction. Additionally, as you brush, you can easily identify any stray hairs that deviate from your desired brow shape, making it easier to decide which hairs to pluck or trim. Brushing can also stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation to the brow area.

Fill In with Precision

Brows play a pivotal role in framing the face, and ensuring they're well-defined can be the difference between a polished look and an unfinished one. The key to achieving this is through precision filling. Depending on your preference, there are different mediums you can choose from: a brow pencil, powder, or gel.

Select the Right Shade
Your choice of shade can make or break the natural look you're going for. Typically, selecting a shade that's one or two tones lighter than your natural hair color will yield the best results. This ensures that the brows don't look too harsh against the backdrop of your skin and hair, and gives them a softer, more natural appearance.

Use Light Strokes
When it comes to the technique of filling in your brows, subtlety is key. Avoid the temptation of drawing a single continuous line. Instead, aim to replicate the appearance of natural brow hairs. This can be achieved by using short, feathery strokes. By doing this, you're not just filling in the sparse areas, but also enhancing the brows' natural texture.

Blend Well for a Seamless Finish
Once you've filled in the sparse areas, it's essential to ensure that there aren't any harsh lines or overly saturated spots. This is where the spoolie brush comes in handy. Gently comb through your brows using the spoolie to blend the product. This distributes the color evenly, removes any excess product, and integrates the filled-in areas with the rest of your brow. The result? A beautifully defined yet natural-looking brow.


Protect Your Brows

Be Wary of the Sun

Continuous and prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause the natural pigment in brow hairs to fade, making them appear lighter than their original shade. To combat this, when planning to spend significant time outdoors, especially during peak sunlight hours, consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat. This not only protects your brows but also shields your face from potential sun damage. Alternatively, there are specialized brow products available in the market that come infused with SPF. 

Tread Carefully with Tweezers

The allure of perfectly shaped eyebrows can sometimes lead to excessive plucking. However, over-plucking or tweezing in rapid succession can be detrimental. It can damage the delicate hair follicles responsible for hair growth, and over time, this can lead to sparser, thinner brows. It's essential to strike a balance and ensure that you're only removing stray hairs, rather than compromising the natural density of your brows.

Meticulous Post-Service Maintenance

Anytime you opt for professional brow services, be it tinting, threading, waxing, or more permanent procedures like microblading, it is of utmost importance to adhere to the post-care guidelines provided by the technician. For instance, after undergoing microblading, it's usually advised to keep the treated area dry for a specified duration to prevent infections and ensure optimal healing. Similarly, using the recommended ointment can help in soothing the area and promoting better results. Following these guidelines not only ensures the longevity of the service but also helps in maintaining the health of your brows.

Nutrient Intake for Healthy Brows

Your diet can influence the health of your brows:

Found in eggs, salmon, and avocados, biotin promotes hair growth.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Foods like walnuts, chia seeds, and fish can enhance hair texture and promote growth.

Vitamin E
Almonds, spinach, and sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin E which strengthens hair.

Understanding the Difference

Brow Gel vs. Brow Lift

From subtle changes to dramatic makeovers, today's beauty trends offer a plethora of options to enhance your eyebrows. Two of the most popular options are brow gels and brow lifts. While they might sound similar, they serve very different purposes. Let’s delve into the specifics of each.

Brow Gel

Brow gel is essentially a mascara for your eyebrows. It comes in a small tube with a brush applicator and is available in clear formulas or tinted variations to match your brow color.


Instant Definition
Brow gel can instantly tame unruly brow hairs, giving them a more defined and polished look.

Temporary Tinting
Tinted brow gels can help fill in sparse areas, adding depth and volume.

Quick and Easy
It’s a go-to for those who need a quick brow fix before heading out.

Hold: It can set your brow hair in place, ensuring it stays put throughout the day.

How to Use:
Starting from the inner corner, brush the brow gel outward in the direction of your hair growth. Use light strokes, ensuring even coverage. If you’re using a tinted gel, be careful not to apply too much product to avoid a lumpy look.

Brow Lift

Often referred to as a 'brow lamination', a brow lift is a semi-permanent treatment that straightens and lifts brow hairs, giving them a uniform and fuller shape. Think of it as a perm for your eyebrows.


The results of a brow lift can last up to 6-8 weeks.

Fuller Appearance
It can make thinning or sparse brows appear much fuller without the need for daily makeup.

Customizable Results
Depending on your preference, the brow hairs can be set in a fluffy, straight, arched, or upward direction.

Saves Time
Once done, there’s no need for daily brow shaping or filling.

The Process:
The brow lift process starts by applying a solution to break down hair bonds. The brows are then positioned in the desired shape and set with a neutralizing solution. Some treatments may also include nourishing serums to keep the brow hairs healthy.

Whether you opt for a brow gel for daily grooming or go for a longer-lasting brow lift, remember that brows play a pivotal role in accentuating your facial features. If you’re considering a brow lift, always consult with a professional to ensure the best results. And as always, Habitual Lash is here to guide you in your brow journey. Check out our brow services for more details.

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